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Slimness & silhouette

Innovating and highly effective excellent care, DietiSpa Flat belly Micro patches send a continuous and targeting diffusion, during 24 hours, of a powerful cocktail of slimming and firming ingredients, to get a flat belly and slim down the figure much faster.

A flat belly and a thinner figure, with no effort! Discreet and transparent, DietiSpa Flat belly micro-patches are strongly concentrated in kelp brown seaweed, green coffee, pineapple, mate and ginkgo biloba with vegetal ingredients.

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Stress & Sleep

Created with the highest technology, DietiSpa Relaxation Aroma Patches offer all the benefits of aroma therapy, giving a continuous diffusion, during 8 hours, of a combinaison of highly soothing and balancing essentials oils, for an intense and deep relaxation, and a serene and healthy sleep.

A true feeling of serenity and well-being.

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Anti-aging face masks hydrogel

Ultra-innovating care of excellence and with proven effectiveness, DietiSpa Anti‐aging face Mask is especially made to perfectly fit the face contour with holes for the eyes, nose and mouth.

In 15 to 25 minutes only, is gently deliver its unique ingredients to the heart of the epidermis to repair, nourish, lift and deeply sublimate your skin.

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Anti-aging & Beauty Eyes contour

Care of excellence and high tolerance for eyes contour fragile skin, DietiSpa Eye contour Patches offer a soft diffusion of exceptional active ingredients. Delivered in only 15 to 25 minutes in the upper layers of the epidermis, they offer to your eyes an astonishing "youth treatment".

Bring a refreshing, revitalizing and relaxing effect, visibly reduce wrinkles and line, firm up the eye contour.

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Micro-circulation & Light Legs

Innovating cosmetic care with scientifically proven effectiveness, DietiSpa Light Legs Micro-patches continuously diffuse, for 6 to 12 hours, directly on the targeted area, a combination of plants and essential oils extract, to lighten the legs and bring daily a real micro-circulation comfort.

Lights legs in one month only, without any effort, improve and facilitate micro-circulation, reduce swelling.

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Anti-cellulite Slimming & Silhouette

Innovating and proven efficiency dermo-cosmetic care, DietiSpa Anticellulite micro-patches discreetly give a continuous and targeted diffusion during 12 hours, of a highly efficient vegetal ingredients combinaison, to locally slim down the figure, visibly reduce the orange peel skin and pads, firming and toning the skin.

Stimulate micro-circulation, firm the skin and purify tissues.

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